We believe in empowering our customers with information, training, and support so they can understand, utilize, and feel in control of their business technology. We focus on helping them make good decisions by exploring the many options they have to find, the right type of technology that can maximize the effectiveness of their staff, and business objectives.

Our professional team will provide guidance on utilizing existing equipment and software to its fullest potential along with advising on developing and implementing newer technology as business and projects grow and change. Our team will work to maintain, troubleshoot, and support your technology (whether it is acquisition through us or other sources), determine potential problems, review actions taken, and put in place preventative measures to limit disruption in productivity.

We follow three important concepts we feel are critical to strengthening our relationship with our clients:

  • Empowerment
  • Transparency
  • Value

What We offer

Fully Staffed Remote Helpdesk Support

Remote support is key to ensuring your systems and networks remain up and running. We can respond to issues on demand throughout your business day. We also offer remote help-desk support after-hours, if your team needs it.

Hardware and Software Security Updates

Secure hardware and software is up-to-date hardware and software. The Tech 2U Business team will ensure your systems are running the latest updates. If an update requires extensive downtime, we will schedule it at a time most convenient to you.

Security Camera Installation and Maintenance

We provide set-up and maintenance of security cameras at your business. Our technicians have experience with multiple brands, and are qualified to work on facilities of any size.

Network Security

We’re able to manage network access for your business. We can throttle data use as necessary, limit access, and even remove access entirely. We’ll help your network maintain maximum security, while ensuring it remains running smoothly.

IT Consultation

Our team is comprised of a wide range of IT professionals and certified technicians who can help solve any problem and keep your business running smoothly and securely.

24/7 Tech Monitoring

Tech 2U Business employs an array of tools to provide constant vigilance over your company’s technology. We monitor firewalls, networks, perform regular server diagnostics, track data use and computer access. We catch problems before they start, and take swift action to correct issues in progress.