On-Site Service or In-Shop Service

How It Works

On-Site Service

A laptop with a stethescope coming through the screen.

Call (707) 450-0756 to schedule and appointment for your home or office. Our scheduling is a first come first serve basis and with an approximate 3 hour arrival window (arrival time depends on completion of previous appointment). We also offer a 1-2 day Fast track or same day emergency service if needed. Call or stop by for further information or to schedule your appointment.

In-Shop Service

Service is performed on-site in our Vacaville shop

Bringing In Your Computer

Free Estimates

The estimate is always free if you bring it to us. A majority of the time a full diagnostic would also be free. *


If you bring it in and we're able to fix it on the counter in a few minutes, it’s typically a flat rate of $49.


The majority of shop services that customers encounter result in a flat rate of $199.


Shop services that we deem as a larger project would fall under our extended rate of $249.

* Under unique and certain circumstances, a diagnostic fee may be applied.

What to Bring

If you are bringing in a laptop, bring:
  • the power adapter
  • and all appropriate software (operating system software and/or application software)
If you are bringing in a desktop computer, bring:
  • just the computer (you needn't bring the keyboard, mouse or monitor - unless you need them serviced as well)
  • and all appropriate software (operating system software and/or application software)

You will need to leave these items with us

How Long It Will Take

This service operates on a first-come, first-served basis. Repairs and installations can take anywhere from one to ten business days, depending on the number and type of requests in the queue. You may wish to call ahead to see how busy we are, but our best estimate can only be made at the time of check in, since requests for service can fluctuate on short notice.

Software Issues

All software must be licensed directly to the customer. If your work request includes the installation of existing or new software (such as an OS upgrade), bring all software with you that may be needed. If you do not have the software you can consult with our technicians to determine what is needed and we can provide you with pricing etc.

Picking Up Your Computer

Once your computer is complete we will contact you to let you know it is ready to be picked up. You can stop by anytime during office hours but please allow at least 15 minutes when you come to pick your equipment because we perform a "final checkout" before you leave, as a final quality control feature assuring all the services you requested are completed. Special parts order require payment prior to ordering. Any additional payment for services or parts are required at time of pickup.